Benefits of early reading

I started reading to my children when they were only six month old. Ah! I still can’t forget the joy we got when we read. Each expression I made brought one one smile on my baby’s face. They enjoyed it when mama became the lion, the tiger, the monkey and those flap books, touch books, sound books oh how many we read! Today when I am planning to do a reading session for babies it’s memories galore for me. I am listing out a few advantages of reading to your child everyday hope you agree with me and continue the journey with ‘Chooku Booku’ for more tips and books you can read at home.


When you share a book with your baby, she’ll enjoy hearing the comforting cadence of your voice, feeling your heartbeat, and smelling your familiar scent. Over time, she’ll come to associate books with close, intimate time with mama or papa. 

Early language skills

It may be a while before your baby begins vocalizing words and phrases, but that doesn’t mean early reading sessions aren’t important. By hearing you read aloud, your little one is exposed to the vowels, consonants, and syllables that form his native language.

Cognitive stimulation

A baby’s developing brain can be likened to a blank canvas, ready to be painted and shaped by the millions of sensory experiences she’ll be presented with during her first year of life. The colors, textures, and sounds in books will help accelerate your baby’s mental growth and awareness of her surroundings.

More restful sleep

Reading to babies can be a soothing, comforting activity but don’t be surprised if it takes a few sessions before you and your little one get into a rhythm with the right books and the right routine. By incorporating calm, unhurried reading into your little one’s night time routine, you’ll be helping to set the stage for a restful night’s sleep.

Healthy expression and communication

Through exposure to engaging, interactive reading experiences, babies will be better equipped to relate to those around them.


2 thoughts on “Benefits of early reading

  1. Babies and children need that time spent with their loved ones…and reading is a great way to bond 🙂 And learn!

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