Ah what a wonderful day it was! We were a bunch of 11 (including me) extremely energetic, creative, intelligent and active kids. All you could hear from the chooku booku’s compartment was ‘moo moo’ ‘pam pam’ ‘cuckoookookoo’ ‘baa baa’ ‘buzzz buzzz’ ‘tip tip tap tap’ ‘grrrrrr’ ‘bowbowbow’ ‘meow meow’ etc.

If you are a reader you would have guessed it right the tiny tots were listening to me read Dr Seuss’ most amazing book ‘Mr Brown Can MOO! Can You?’ This is a great book for young readers and for kids just starting to learn about the world around them. 

Like most Dr. Seuss books it rhymes. The rhymes helped the children listening the book sit more attentively.

This clever little rhyming book is a story about Mr. Brown who can make all sorts of sounds, like “Moo, Moo,” “Boom, Boom, Boom,” and my son’s favorite, “Knock, Knock,” to which he knocks on the page of the book every time. I personally enjoy reading the book out loud to my little guy because it can be read almost rhythmically.

I was so surprised when the eight month old child sat through the entire session and by the end was making booo booo booo sounds!

The steady flow of words also helped kids who were confused about the pronunciation of some words. It took only two seconds for Eshan who was sitting all cuddled up in his mother’s arms to just jump and join the circle!

There is also a great deal of repetition so the kids were able to recognize certain words more easily.

This is also a really fun book for children because it is all about the different sounds the world around us makes, including animals, boots and blenders. Every time I turned the page Mr. Brown is making a new sound and I asked the kids to try and make the same sounds, they were so good at it!

Since half the book is just the sounds of different things it helps kids read different syllables by themselves i.e. ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’. So there was a bit of grammar we explored too.

By the end of the session we played a guessing game where we sang the Old Mc Donald had a farm and then Old Mc Donald goes to a forest and Old Mc Donald goes to the city, and he even went to the market, the beach and so on…..I called out the names of the animals and things for the kids to guess what sound it made. 

I was surprised from the baby crying to lion roaring to butterfly flapping and traffic zooming all sounds were made. The kids won popsicle sticks with the pictures of animal, bird or any ither object that was guessed rightly.Aarav, Vihaan, Inaara, Parinita seemed to know almost all of the sounds! They won the most popsicles. Sarayu and Smaran could identify some of the basic sounds in our Old Mc Donald’s guessing game!

This is a great book to help increase any child’s reading ability and all 10 of them promised to next session with joy! 

Thank you parents for patiently bringing your children to experience the reading journey and hope to see u all again..



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