The joy continued…..

It was a warm Tuesday noon I was feeling very low for some vague reason. Was wondering if I will be able to sit through the story telling with my mum Lalitha Belagere. I didn’t even call people to confirm registrations though there were quite a few of them who had requested for a morning or a weekend session.
For a moment I thought of cancelling it but the joy which I had seen on the kids faces the previous day overpowered my non energised mind. I just decided to do the session with as many kids would be there. But to my surprise there were quite a few of them.
Mom had planned a story with witches and magic but then looking at the age of the kids who had come in she chose to narrate a simple story of a boy called ‘pedda gunda’ (dumb gunda).
The story began with gunda being a lazy boy who is sleeping all the time and his granny keeps trying to give some work to gunda so that he doesn’t see him on the couch all the day.
But our gunda is very dumb too. The situations in the story was so hilarious kids really laughed their lungs out.

Whenever Lalitha aunt repeated wake up Gunda why are you always on the couch the entire kid brigade joined her. It was so easy a phrase to repeat with her.


Then begins gunda’s misadventures and foolishness. When the grand mom asks him to bring butter from a nearby store gunda stuffs the butter in his pockets and comes back singing “ajji benne tande”


And then the butters all gone. So ajji tells gunda that butter has to always be bought in a vessel with water on it so that it won’t melt. Ah our gunda decides to remember this really well. Next time ajji says can you bring a cat to the house and gunda jumps with joy to do the work he rushes to the pet shop and puts the cat inside the vessel, Keeps it on his head and walks happily singing “ajji bekku (cat) tande” and he foolishness continues until the same gunda makes the princess who never laughed laugh her lungs out and is finally married off to her. Very simple but entertaining story.
The kids also danced to the tunes of famous track “doddavarella jaanaralla”


and played the game
“ratto ratto rayara magale
bitto bitto bheemana magale
Hadinaremme kayalare
Bisibisi rotti sudalaare
Baita kamba
Baale kamba
Kukkara basavi
Koore basavi….


We ended with saying tata to an aeroplane which flew right above us


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