Aarav’s book exchange experience

<a href="http://lovebooksexchange&quot; title="New book and a new experience

Books have been our best friend since quiet sometime now and bringing them alive through crafts is something which is so much fun. When Bubble Ink writes proposed to participate in UK based The Educators’ Spin On It’s  Love Book Summer Book Exchange I jumped at the chance to share a favourite story with another family and design an activity based on it for them to do at home just like we would.

We were teamed with cuddles and reads for the exchangs. Like my 5 year old son Aarav, Vani Balram also has a five year old who is equally passionate about books. We received the package a month before and Aarav, who runs with joy and eagerness to collect any courier that comes home, came back with a beautifully wrapped courier which had his name written on it.

He jumped with joy and couldn’t wait to open it. But for me it was very embarrassing because I was so stuck with things at home that I really hadn’t got time to select a book and send it to Vani.  I had cribbed about it so much that Aarav said ‘mamma, we will open this packet only after we send a book to Dhruv (vani’s son).

Now, this made me to decide on which book to send. After few days I felt one of the best book any child can own is ‘The Giving Tree’. I finally made time bought the book and coupled it with an interesting activity from itsy bitsy and mailed it to Vani.

Now, Aarav was very excited. He opened the parcel and was very happy to see ‘Mr Wrinkles’. Now that he can read some of the words on his own he managed to read the title. We then finished reading the book and he immediately wanted to do the beautifully packed, well instructed jungle activity from Itsy Bitsy.

we made the jungle and even played walking through the jungle game. We named all the wild animals. We learnt -How its nice to make friends and how we could think smart and help our friends who are in trouble. We also got introduced to animal like meerkat.

Excellent read and brilliant activity. Thank u cuddles and reads for the book. Bubble ink writes for introducing us to this exchange.


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